Saturday, May 16, 2015

Freddie Gray, Michael Singleton and Toya Graham the Crazy and Backwards Mother

So by invoking the killing of Freddie Gray by Baltimore City police as reason for beating, assaulting and humiliating her son Michael Singleton by saying she doesn't want her son to end up as Freddie Gray.  Toya Graham the crazy and backwards mother who infamously celebrated for beating and assaulting her 15 year old son in public is implicitly castigating and blaming the mother of Freddie Gray for his death.

Adrian Peterson, the Minnesota Vikings all pro running back recently disciplined his son and he was vilified and publicly excoriated by minds and hearts who make their living on FOX News and the Conservative jabbering circuit vilifying and excoriating Black Men and Black people.  But when the backwards and illiterate crazy mother Toya Graham does what fits the reactionary world view of FOX News and it's Republican Intellectual-Liberalism, the crazy and backwards Mother Toya Graham is touted as totemic Black Woman.

This Black Woman, the crazy and backwards Mother Toya Graham who is so deep down the rabbits hole of ignorance that the realization escapes her that by publicly humiliating her son Michael Singleton in this digital age where all things are forever preserved has enabled that eternal tragic-comedic zeitgeist of certain failure for her son, which the beating and assault was intended to prevent.

Michael Singleton will forever be known as the 15 year old Black boy who was publicly beaten and assaulted by his crazy and backwards mother Toya Graham.

By Apropos


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