Monday, April 30, 2018

Conservatism Intellectual-Liberalism and Its Bottom Pit Critique and War

For too long American-Conservatism and it's foot soldier have criticized liberalism and the war on poverty as a bottomless pit of spent money.

The Bottomless pit of spent money critique is also used to deride and dismiss demands to fund public education.

Conservatism critique is summed up as despite the amount of money spent on the war on poverty and public education. Issues still persist and exist, so liberalisms approach has been wrong and only conservatism's intellectual-liberalism and its personal responsibility and social engineering narrative will allow redemption for the poor and non-unionized teachers [euphemestically presented as charter schools] will save public education

Our political-economy, however, reminds us that the conservative critique on both accounts is false and outright deceptive.

No one will dare argue that nevertheless the bottomless pit of taxpayer money spent on waging wars. The idea and its practice of waging war is a failure because not only is war still with us but is constant as the sun rising    so we should promptly embark on the ..... Beating swords into plows .....delusion and stop pouring taxpayer money into the bottomless pit of the nations military, intelligence agencies and the state organized violence of law and order which is also another bottomless pit of public expenditure, because nothing seems to indicate that crime is deterred or reformed.

But as soon as the question is: How is value [money] interacted with, who has access to it    we encounter the distortion of what is good for the goose isn't good for the gander or the pot can with a straight face `a la the banal and fatuous pronouncements of Arthur Brooks of the American Enterprise Institute, on work and dignity and Amy Holmes cohost of PBS In Principle. [who hasn't encountered nothing pre-fixed conservatism that doesn't cause her orgasmic swoon] call the kettle black   In furious reaction to any attempt and effort at showing that certain unresolved and unsettled accounts of our political-economy are inherent saboteurs on the question of poverty.

Conservatism and its intellectual-liberalism has long given up any pretense to "thought" and embraced its true calling: the deification cult of the reactionary Ronald Reagan. So it's contemporary practice when not doing 3-legged and sack races with every last slithering denizen from not the mere unjust side of history but the wrong side of it, almost accomplishing the impossible of stepping outside of it   the incredulity of what it has become escape it, as it negates its own dignity, a dignity, to let Authur Brooks lecture us, its lack is what ails American Poverty.

Conservatism has no issue with the antagonism of a national-economy maintained on taxpayer money going to bomb makers, missile makers, handcuffs, and shackles manufacture, police uniforms makers for the primary purpose of money distribution for the employment of a majority white worker. Or taxpayer money subsidizing all sectors and activities of the American political-economy from the industrial-practical to hair-brained enterprise but not limited to charlatan think tanks i.e American Enterprise Institutes, for the specific purpose of money circulation and redistribution. But as soon as the same identical logic of government created money underpins a response in the war on poverty and is circulated to the welfare recipient     [and should be noted has enabled, catalysed and accelerated the wealth accumulation of Walmart Inc. and it's contemporaries catering to the welfare recipient] which by the way is at a far lesser amount than what is given to the bomb-making white worker whose existence as a worker is primarily due to randomness of being born white. Conservatisms intellectual-liberalism emerges in reaction to if not insidiously misanthropic arguments, dubious ones that amount to: The American poor of whom a majority, by the way, work have not embraced enough the Auschwitz Death Camp motto of work will set you free  [which Arthur Brooks of AEI shouldn't have any problem in finding his dignity supposition in it] or the fact adults are reduced to raising families on McDondalds wage isn't basis enough to raise the minimum wage because Conservatism's intellectual-liberalism supposes fast-food wages are intended for teenagers.

Conservatism has been getting away with its snake-oil, charlatan analysis because the Progressive critique and its liberal worldview has yielded one too many times

By Apropos

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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Ode to Donald Trump and Misanthropy

Living in the savagery, I was
Living in the savagery I  was till
I met your civilization and it savaged me.

Living in my ignorance I was
living in my ignorance I was till I met 
your wisdom and it ignored me.

I was living and you said it was 
dystopian-existence and I realized that was yours

By William Thorpe

Monday, January 29, 2018

Bitcoin and Idealistic-Meritocracy

To paraphrase Marx, the emergence of money presents its own set of rules. To wit, bitcoin as an expression of money clearly does.

The problem with bitcoin is: it tilts the value dialectic to an extreme form of meritocracy, an idealistic-meritocracy to be specific. i.e. only the mathematically adept or a comparable digital program can access it, "mine" for it, after solving advanced theoretical mathematics.

Or those with conventional paper money or liquidity can afford its speculated inflated value. Either of bitcoin access points returns us to the antagonisms of old world or analog money.

The truth is bitcoin nor old-world analog money expresses the value dialectic which money is intended to do, minus the Marxian-Contradiction of "its own sets of rules". Thus squarely placing bitcoin as another distortion, another idealistic-Meritocracy that shackles the Human Condition to the suppositions of others and with equally destructive consequences on Human conditional sets of relations as the industrial revolution despite existential progress.

By Apropos

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Polly The Parrot and Ann Coulter

If I trained an African Grey Parrot, Polly to do what a call center human does, What Ann Coulter does, but with more healthy meat on her bones than Ann Coulter.

Will that once and for all put to rest this ignorance over what is money, what are taxes and what is deficit and with a Polly beak peck let out the air of Conservatisms polemic-balloon of What is value?

I'm as V.I. Lenin in "The State and Revolution" laying down pen to man the barricade, mocking Ann Coulter    That Polly my African Grey Parrot is a creator of value as opposed to the redistribution narrative of the Ann Coulter's and their anal retentive Ayn Rand zeitgeist intellectual-liberalism

By Apropos

Monday, March 20, 2017

What Difference Would It Make and The Speaking Rock

Were the nation to devolve into civil disorder and the inevitable Civil War; what difference would it make who sat on the Supreme Court?

What difference would it make whether Roe vs. Wade was repealed.

What difference would it make were abortion to become illegal.

What difference would it make were marriage equality were repealed.

What difference would it make were Transgenders deemed second class citizens.

What difference would it make were ObamaCare repealed or it's problems fixed.
What difference would the social-engineering of block grants to states in any form and individual accounts of any purpose mean, whether its health savings or the privatization of Social Security.
After the idea of equality before the law has been shattered and it's practice revealed as speculative and fraudulent.  What difference would it make if kids prayed at schools.
What difference would it make were the entire nation to become right to work charade.
What difference would it make that despite the dogma of vouchers, charters and religious schools we were still illiterate enough to devolve into Civil War?
What difference would it make that the lie is knowingly repeated that taxpayers fund abortions at Planned Parenthood clinics and salvation for our collective sins is defunding planned Parenthood and Woman Health Care apparatus.
What difference would the idealistic and intellectually-Liberal criticism of "political-correctness" mean.
What difference would banning Muslims mean, if the illiteracy bent on degrading, destroying and mocking the idea that holds us one is the clear and present danger our Constitution reminds we remain vigilant against the destruction from within.
What difference does it ever make for Conservatism and it's reaction to reduce progress and it's intrinsic liberty to an intellectually-Liberal critique that ignores the theological dicta that God regardless of name doesn't even have the answers and needs the devil for affirmation.
What difference does it make that the taxation polemic and critique is still formulated upon archaic feudalistic antagonisms at the expense of the fact that the valuation realization of money has long since abandoned idealistic standards of gold and now stands revealed as it should always be: objectivity of art, creativity, ambition and industry.
What difference does it make that we are still clubbed by illiteracy and it's ignorance into accepting hypocrisy as judgment and resentments as enlightenments'
What difference does it make that if government is "off, by and for the people." But we accept the deflection, that government isn't the solution but the problem we are negating our very aspirations as the people.
What different does it make that evangelism demands to fossil fuels we pray, to climate change denying we pray, to ape and Man share not common ancestry we pray at the expense of its New Testament proclaiming even rocks will speak and if such a mystery of the speaking rock is possible why then should evolution be at odds.
What difference does it mean if we buy into a phony critique that Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, Public Employee Pensions, all Welfare programs, ObamaCare are "entitlements" that somehow subscribe to alien behaviors at odds with what money is, even Grandma's money under the mattress.
What difference does it make if we bestow credibility on The American Enterprise Institute recent assertion that poor people are unproductive and irrelevant. As if rich people cannibalize themselves and emerge and exist independent of the function of poor people and the accumulation of Walmart's billions doesn't have a direct line to Welfare allocation and the shopping by Welfare recipients.
What difference does it mean if Black People are told to make your own way, find your own way.  But as soon as White people in fly over country and it's de-industrialized midwest, express angst and exhibit classic symptoms of joblessness. We are told it's the much-maligned government's purpose to provide jobs for them.  Even as those very same White people voted over and over against government and for those speculative models of Republican governance and it's Reaganomics, who's consequence and result is de-industrialization and job losses.
What difference does it make if the rule of law cannot deprive us of life and liberty without it's due process.  But we accept, standard operating procedures, subjective perspective, the ignorance of fear, it's bias of illiteracy as substitution.  A reduction of the rule of law and it's due process to a petty, De Minimus failure of non-immediate, instantaneous compliance with police commands; is a waiver of the right to life and liberty.  It's obscene perversion captured by the utterance of a White juror.  "If my son behaved as the Black victim of a police shooting [non-immediate, instantaneous compliance with police commands] the police are right to kill them.
What difference does it make if prison officials in administrating prisons violate the rule of law that transforms free citizens into prisoners imprisoned, an embodiment of the Nixonian corruption that when the President does it, it is not a crime.
What difference does it make if we understand and know more about God than the money we recreate conditions of our existence with.  That the lies we accept as Political-Economy truth are: national debt and deficit if governmental spending isn't trimmed [which selectively means if Welfare programs are not slashed] will bankrupt us and the suppositionary specter of our proverbial grandkids enslaved by a bank that exist only in the clouds evoked.  So citizens whose literacy of what is money only extends to the antagonisms of their personal micro-relationship with it are alienated from the question: were the nation to devolve into civil disorder and the inevitable Civil War.  What difference would it make if pre-Civil War our national debt was $18 trillion and we have to come to terms with American exceptionalism being simply the literacy of cognition and comprehension that facts are objectivity.  Meaning irrespective of our existence and yes we are privileged with perspectives not in spite of but in affirmation and the averse function of organized violence is that Sword of Damocles reminding us of its Sisyphean futility that after it's all said and done we are homo sapiens and not homo martial and no amount of threats of annihilation and it's fact dislodge the inexorable cognitive principle, to which even the speech of Civil War is its affirmation.
By William Thorpe

Monday, February 13, 2017

Religion is the New Racism, Intellectual-Liberalism, Charity and it's Political-Economy Contradictions

Religion is the new Racism.  Specifically, it is that old friend tyranny guised up under the Johnny-Come-Lately of the monkey see monkey do banner of that lover of the Human Condition, ignorance.

Racism being intolerance and beyond the pale is understood by the most backwardly naive to the sophisticated cynic.  But religious intolerance in all it's diverse forms thrives from planes slamming into the Twin Towers and Pentagon to the shrilling babel of voices across the land that places of unfamiliar worship and fellowship are sinister and evil.

Intellectual activity during ages past was of reason and enlightenment, laboring for tolerance and selfless apathy.  Intellectual activity in the age of religion is the new Racism labors for intolerance and it's defense.  It is Intellectual-Liberalism resurrecting the most crass, idealistic and misanthropic attitudes.  Religion is the new Racism is selfishness wrapped in the mantle of charity and it's Political-Economy contradictions.

From every religious fundamentalism to it's reaction and intolerance, religion is the new Racism has pathetically shown itself to be the bastion of Farmers Almanac aphorisms, pop psychology, and snake oil charlatans.  Each hypocritically requiring it's purported antithesis for survival and existence.

By Apropos
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