Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Collaborator Felicia Nu'Man: Why are two-thirds of criminal defendants in Louisville, Kentucky Black?

Why did Felicia J. Nu'Man, a Black female Prosecutor for Louisville, Kentucky decide that writing an essay in Newsweek titled "I am not the enemy: I put people in jail because they break the law not because I'm a puppet of a racist judicial system", was necessary in defending her political and social conduct? Unless somewhere within her social moorings was relative doubt as to being a collaborator.

First of all Nu'Man can take her place in the ranks and files of all the other historical collaborators. Law as any other social- political dynamic is a relative circumstance and any prosecutor is practically collaborating.

One of the primary indictments of the thirteen North American Colonies against Great Britain was the conduct of British and the collaborator- monarchist, prosecutor representing law in Colonies. So once again Felicia Nu'Man is not at all in any unique place---what is infantile and idealistic about her position is it's defense and coquettish presumptions of the status quo narrative.

If Nu'Man is on the right-side of history in all it's dialectical determinants in her performance as a prosecutor for Louisville and the State of Kentucky, then race has nothing to do with it. But if as her essay presents, that the sum value of her practice is realized through race. Then despite her protestations and at times beseeching sympathy, her actions must be viewed through the relativism of the Cold War of American Racism.

Nu'Man , concluded her essay with:

"Of course it's harder to be Black in this country. Of course, Black people are treated unfairly. Of course the inner cities have a decaying infrastructure. But there is absolutely no reason to break a reasonable appropriate law. None. " The alternative is chaos".

Felicia Nu'Man, sounds just like a Kentucky slave holder back in the 1800's; defending a law and it's punishment upon a slave caught stealing a tomato to supplement the gruel mush slave diet. Once again Nu'Man isn't historically unique that's what they all say. Whether it's the status quo actor or as in Nu'Man's case the support lackey collaborator all law has it's relative defense.

Felicia Nu'Man states, within her jurisdiction two-thirds of all criminal defendants are Black. Then she goes on to say it then means "roughly two-thirds of all victims are black", then mocking justice she questions "should law enforcement not prosecute Black criminals and doom all Black victims to the absence of justice? "Assuming Nu'Man isn't some sort of Aunt Jemima lawyering hamster like on the social-contract tread wheel and that flame of humanness despite being a collaborator is still sparking within her--- her question then transforms into why is two-thirds of criminal defendants in her jurisdiction of Louisville, Kentucky Black?

By Apropos


Anonymous said...

Your pseudo-intellectualism is hilarious at best, outstanding at worse. Do you really believe this nonsense? Or are you trying to justify behaviour that is unjustifiable? Slavery is the absence of freedom and self-determination. Selling dope is a choice. Racism does not cause someone to sell drugs, because hundreds of thousands of black men don't do it. Only the weak minde and their enablers see any justification for this bad behaviour. The white man has nothing to do with the personal choices you make. For years Black men and women were terrorized, but did not turn to criminal behaviour as a way to solve economic crisis. Get an education and get a better job. Stop having children you can't afford. Get two or three minimum wage jobs. Black men have always held themselves to a higher moral standard than the racist who oppress them. They have worked harder and smarter. Only recently has a pro-criminal attitude seep its way in to the psyche of some small minded, ridiculous, unread, intellectually-challenged fools.

apropos said...

Your comments are misanthropic and self-hatred wrapped up and expressed in the naivete of elitism.

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